The organization and role of the Architecture Control Committee (ACC) are defined in our Bylaws, CCR's, and CCR Amendments.
Following is a reminder from Maria Adang, our ACC Coordinator:
Dear Neighbor,
Welcome to our community comprised of your neighbors in Anasazi Trails and Anasazi Meadows, all of whom are members of the Anasazi Homeowners Association.  Our neighborhood was formed in 2003 and we work together to ensure it remains the premier community in Placitas. 
Anasazi Meadows/Anasazi Trails has a Welcome Committee composed of Maria Adang (575) 779-3399 and Caroline Isenogle that would like to meet with you at your convenience.  The Committee will provide you with materials pertaining to Placitas, Bernalillo and New Mexico in general and may be able to answer any questions you might have about your new community.  The meeting will take no more than 30 minutes and can be in the convenience of your home or at any other mutually agreed location.   Please call either Caroline or Maria to set up the welcoming meeting.  
In the meantime, here is a list of helpful numbers:
  • Fire Department  (Non-emergency):                (505) 867-5080
  • Sheriff Department  (Non-emergency):            (505) 867-7524
  • Animal Control:                                              (505) 252-2781 or (505) 934-1947
  • Local grocery (The Merc):                                (505) 867-8661
  • Local Cafe (Placitas Café):                               (505) 771-1700
  • Local Bistro (Blades Bistro)                              (505) 771-0695
You are, no doubt, already aware of our tennis and pickle ball court available for your personal use and the use of your guests.  You may have already enjoyed our paved walking path with its lovely landscaping and other features.
At the time you purchased your lot and/or home, you should have been given a copy of our “Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions” or CC&Rs.  If not, this document, along with a great deal of additional information about your new community can be found on our website: (see the DOCUMENTS and ACC sections of the site for the CCRs and other related documentation). 
On this website, you will also find a “MEMBERS” section which requires a password.  You may obtain your password by clicking on “Register” in the upper right corner of the home page (or by contacting HOAMCO's Geraldine Pearman).  We would strongly encourage all our members to register on this site as email is the primary means we use to distribute information of a time-sensitive nature from the Board or ACC (when registering, you can choose what, if any, of your personal or contact information you want to be visible in the Directory which is accessible only by our members).  The distribution list created from such registrations may be used in water emergencies, community meeting and social event notices and subjects of community interest.  This list is NEVER used for commercial or political purposes.
It is important that you understand the ACC's function.  It is designed to keep our neighborhood the kind of place that originally attracted you and all of your new neighbors.  To do this, all of us have agreed to follow certain rules and practices outlined in our CC&R’s and augmented by the ACC Rules.  We urge you to read them at your convenience and should you have any questions, you may contact HOAMCO's Geraldine Pearman.
Until you have a chance to review the CC&R in detail, let me share some common requirements.  You must contact the ACC for approval in the event that you:
  • Want to make any changes to the exterior of your home that are visible from neighboring property or an adjacent road
  • Want to repair, refresh or replace stucco whether or not you intend to change the color.
  • Want to install a satellite dish (must be in least visible location on roof)
  • Want to install any solar energy apparatus
  • Want to add or remove any landscaping
  • Want to add any exterior lighting including low voltage landscape lights
  • Want to add any hard surfaces to your property such as asphalt or concrete driveway or patio.
  • Want to add, expand or heighten walls or fences surrounding any portion of your property.
  • Want to add any exterior lighting.
Three very common homeowner complaints involve barking dogs and trash cans:
  • Pets must be on leash or otherwise be under control.  Furthermore, although our covenants are silent when it comes to barking dogs, we do have a “nuisance clause” in them and have defined "nuisance," with respect to barking dogs" to mean a dog who barks continuously for more than 5 minutes; the time it takes to notify the dog owner of some type of intrusion to which the dog is objecting and either eliminate the objection or take the animal inside.  If enforcement is necessary, the County's Animal Control will need to be contacted.
  • Garbage cans and other trash receptacles must be stored in such a manner so as to not be visible from neighboring property or an adjacent road.
  • No lights, with the exception of low voltage driveway and address fixtures needed for safety, may be left on all night long.
We hope you enjoy your experience living in Anasazi Meadows or Anasazi Trails and want you to feel free to contact us at any time for any reason.
Anasazi HOA Architectural Control Committee
Maria Adang, Coordinator