If you have a question, issue or a complaint, please contact our HOAMCO Community Association Manager and HOAMCO will handle it and get it to the correct Board member or volunteer responsible for resolution.
Geraldine Pearman
T  (505) 888-4479 x2139
F  (928) 776-0050
Direct (505) 924-5978 x2139
Homeowners Association
Board of Directors
and Officers
President-Stephen Vaughan
Vice President-Peter Adang
Treasurer-Ralph Bonner
Secretary-Maud Grantham-Richards
Director-Rebecca Kupay
We thank the following volunteers for their willingness to serve the community
by working with HOAMCO and our membership in the following areas:
HOA Welcome
Caroline Isenogle
HOA Directory Changes
Todd Hakala
HOA Social Activities
Denise and David Miller
HOA Architectural Control (ACC)
Sharon Arthur
Maria Adang
Kaye Marshall
HOA Roads
In a road safety emergency call Sandoval County Public Works
at (505) 771-8500.
For road maintenance issues go to
County website:
HOA Street Signs
Stephen Vaughan
HOA Recreation Facilities (Ramada, Tennis Court, Putting Green)
Geraldine Pearman
HOA Entry Lights
Todd Hakala
HOA Doggie Bag Dispenser Maintenance
Rebecca Kupay
HOA Pet Residue Patrol
Rebecca Kupay
HOA Grounds (Landscaping and Landscape Maintenance along HOA Trails)
Rebecca Kupay
HOA Website
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