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AHOA Board Meeting Cancelled
Monday, March 30th to Monday, July 13th
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cancelling the April 20, 2020 Board meeting. The agenda below will be taken up at the next Board meeting, currently scheduled for July 13, 2020. Should you have a matter you wished to take up at the next Board meeting, please either wait until July 13, or contact Steve Vaughan at 505 404 8648 or president@anasazihoa.com.
Board of Directors Meeting

                         Anasazi Homeowners Association
                         Monday, April 20, 2019, 10:00 am
                 La Puerta Realty Office Conference Room
                                       1 Ridge Court
                                   Placitas , NM 87043
Call to order and proof of quorum
Proof of notice of meeting Approval of Agenda
Review of minutes of last meeting and approval
REPORTS of Directors and Committees
1. Financial Report—Q1
2. ACC Liaison Report—Maria Adang
3. Landscaping—Tom Thomas
4. Litigation; Vulcan mine—Steve
1. Confirmation of appointment of Matthew Fay as Board Member replacing Dick Ulmer, deceased
2. Selection and appointment of a Board alternate member
3.  HOAMCO role in ACC, performance
4. Volunteer recruiting, and specifically the ACC, Webmaster, Welcoming Committee
5. Updated assessments collection policy
6. COVID-19 in our community
1. Website revision and update

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